Zurich Links and Blogs….

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are some of my favourite websites, people and services in Zurich and Switzerland; blogs I love and some useful stuff.


Trying to be Conscious –  Cecile is French, funny and witty.  I enjoy reading her take on life in her blog!  Even though she’s now moved to New Zealand, she’s a Zurich original for me.

Newly Swissed – A great site for expats in Switzerland.  Full of funny stories and useful information and looks good too.

NewinZurich – My fave go to site for what’s happening in my fave city.  Especially good for expats.  Never a boring weekend again…

Tao Yoga & Qi Gong – My good friend Dominique Munz, helping all to be a little happier by connecting with our bodies.  Lots of information and also classes and workshops in Zurich.

Find your Voice  – My communication blog, finding a voice for start-ups and small businesses

Roth Language Atelier – My local Zurich language school.  Learn German, French, Italian, Spanish and English in the nicest environment.  I love my weekly classes here!

Personal Training for Women – Katharina is brilliant.  Rather than going to the gym, I look forward to my week class which is designed for me and my weird skeleton.  She’s also a physio so great for my knees too and speaks perfect English, though is very good to me and makes me speak German to practice!


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