About Life in Zuri

Did you know Züri is the Swiss-German word for Zürich? Or that Swiss-German isn’t an official language, even though it’s really different to German.


I first moved to Zürich, Switzerland for six months in 2010.  Then, in 2011, I came back.

Living a different country is a great experience, for some people it’s easy and for others it’s hard.  For me, it’s unlocked a different way of looking at things, including myself and what’s important to me.

Everything is different; how you do things, how you say things, who to (or not). It’s amusing, often bemusing, but always valuable experience.  And that’s before you even start learning German!

I started this blog to keep in touch with my friends at home and let them know how things were going. Then I talked to people about my journey of self re-discovery in my thirties.

Since then, my German had got pretty good. I’ve lost and found myself a million times over, started a business in two countries and dealt with some difficult truths about where I started. And in reality, still am.

So what started as self development, has turned into self expression. I might still not be able to bravely face the core, but I’m chipping away.

It helps me, and if it helps you too then it’s a win-win. Either way, I’ll keep going…

Bis Bald,

Life in Zuri

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