In the moment

Things change. Life moves on. The world keeps turning.

We’ve all heard those words a million times before, but it doesn’t always help you day to day when you’re facing something that quite frankly, you’d rather not.

I haven’t been in that place for a long while and I don’t plan to be again. But then, who ever plans anything? If life were really that easy, we’d all have it nailed and get exactly what we want.

I think there’s a real beauty in not getting exactly what you want – in not caring what that is. It’s called living in the moment. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today.

What happens today is gone tomorrow and certainly wasn’t there yesterday. If you don’t make the most of that, you might miss your chance of experiencing happiness.

Because happiness is a moment. It could be a smile, or a cup of coffee you take your time to drink. It could be having five minutes to yourself, or five hours. It could be remembering yourself when you had just about forgotten. It could be gone tomorrow.

Learning to go with the flow is easier for some than others, I often wish I could perfect it.

It means letting go of expectations – liberation. It means letting go of opinions – space. It means letting go of what people might think of you – freedom. It means letting go of worries – acceptance.

If you live in the moment for just five minutes today, feel the difference. And try to stay there just that little bit longer.

Your world will be a better place for it. That’s the most certain thing you’ll ever know.

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