Have you ever been on the ride of your life?

Ups and downs are part of day-to-day living. They define us, make decisions for us, help us make decisions. New information comes up everyday.

Sometimes it gets too much. You wonder when the fuck the ride will stop and you can get off.

Other times you just want it to go on forever. Again and again. More please.

Rollercoasters used to scare me, they still do. But once I get on, I really don’t want to get off. They remind me that I’m alive.

The years of living with anxiety taught me that anything that scares you is there to teach you something. It not only grounds you, but it makes you accept everything around you how it really is.

It’s easy to not get on. It’s harder to get off. But it’s always worth holding on tight with both hands and enjoying every single second of that ride and what it brings you.

Rollercoasters are cool. Get on board.

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