Being Human


Somedays you just remember how human you really are – faced with new experiences and situations you had never imagined.

Things arise that you hadn’t anticipated or expected. Things change from what you know or thought you knew. Emotions are funny.

They are far more powerful than any thought you can create in your head. They know no limits and have no boundaries.

That’s a scary thing. But it’s also something that everyone should allow themselves to experience sometimes.

The trick is to recognise them, accept them, enjoy them or indeed deal with them and move on.

A friend gave me a book recently. It talked about the chimp brain and how your emotional centre can be an amazingly positive and at the same time an amazingly negative power. At it’s worst, you are anxious, defensive, paranoid and reactive. At it’s best, you are fulfilled, focused, connected and content.

It’s a fine line. Life is hard and old and new pain and feelings come up every day, all day. The key is balance.

When you connect your emotional and rational centres, the two should not be in conflict. If they are, something is wrong.

My advice to myself is go with it. It’s scary and it’s unknown. But it will grow you as a person as you learn more about yourself. Positive change comes through challenging yourself not the norm.

More than that though, it’s powerful beyond any rational thought or words.

It’s truly living.

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