Chasing Rainbows



There’s nothing better than seeing a beautiful rainbow at the end of a rainy day. It lifts the spirit.

When I was growing up, I was taught that there was always something amazing waiting to be discovered at the end of one. It was the usual story.

Working to goals makes sense in the short-term. We all need to have a structure to get us from A to B. But what I’ve discovered over the years is that they don’t mean a thing. Purpose, that’s a different story, but goals, no. You can work your whole life toward something that is never finite.

Why waste all of that precious time? Enjoy each and every day for what it brings to your journey. Believe in your own vision and your purpose. But always remind yourself that a pot of gold probably isn’t waiting at the end.

If you do that, for sure you’ll gain more than a few nuggets along the way.



Image credit: Wikipedia

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