Get on the Fun Bus



Fun seems like something really easy to have. ‘Lets have fun!’

Have you ever tried that? Forced fun isn’t fun at all.

I take life a bit too seriously a lot of the time. If I knew how to have fun on tap, I think it would be much more fun to be me.

But how? I realise, that fun comes from a sense of freedom, lightness and a view of the world that doesn’t depend on how much money you have, how happy you are and how easy things come to you.

When I was younger, I had tons of fun. I’m not sure when it changed, I remember, age 7, coming back from the summer holidays and my best friend ditching me because I’d ‘lost my funny’.

I think that really meant ‘you’ve stopped making a prat out of yourself so I can laugh at you, then no one laughs at me’. That theme sometimes rests its ugly head, even now. My sisters are the worst culprits. You know it…

There’s a difference between being the clown and having fun. Fun comes from the heart – when you let go of your inhibitions, go with it and enjoy whatever you’re doing.

We could all do with a bit more fun in our lives. I know I could.

When I find out the formula, I’ll let you know. Ha!


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