The past may sometimes define us, but we define the future


I was born into a privileged position. I didn’t have a particularly happy family life and I wasn’t filled with self esteem or confidence in my abilities.

But I was born into a country where the native language is a privileged gift, where you need to work hard to get somewhere, but if you really want to, you can get there. Where my wartime grandparents taught me what it is to have nothing and still come out fighting and not to give up. And with strong people surrounding me, who remind me of the same in different ways every day.

Circumstances are circumstantial. They don’t need to define you, you can take them and redefine yourself into something much stronger than the you before.

We are always privileged to have something positive in our lives – and everyone has something, when they choose to look. If we take that and turn it into motivation and love then how can we lose?

I don’t claim to understand the hardest of lives – I see the news and think how these people cope and live through the atrocities that happen. I see how their anger can turn to hate.

I hope one day everyone sees the good, and stop concentrating on hyping the bad – making it worse than it already is.


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