Who & That (Completeness)


Some people meet that one person in life who makes them complete. They must be the lucky ones.

Or are they? The lucky ones are those that meet many special people in their life who make them complete.

Sometimes, one might be missing and you feel that gap.

Don’t attribute that empty space in your life to just one person. It can be a huge injustice to the others who truly help to make you complete.

The really lucky ones have it all. Well, they have the understanding who those special people are and that without them, they would never find or have found the extra special one who completes the puzzle.

Don’t forget to consider all of the pieces this Christmas. It’s too easy to concentrate on the gaps.

2 responses to “Who & That (Completeness)

  1. I love this. You are absolutely right. Every single person has a place within our heart and each one matters just as much as the other. A puzzle can’t be made whole unless every piece is added, whether it be the border piece or the center. Each piece must be there. This is a great post!

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