Shifting Sand

English: Dunes of Erg Awbari (Idehan Ubari) in...

Photo credit: Wikipedia

As I pack up my apartment to move again, it dawns on me that it’s not a new beginning, just a step to wherever we may be going.  It makes me think of sand dunes.

No sand dune ever stays the same, it travels hundreds of miles over hundreds of years.   Some of the grains stay together, somehow.  Some are whisked away by the wind, never to be seen again and some are brought to the dune from far away.

Some are disturbed by the cruel blow of a 4×4, taking tourists on their next thrill ride or travelling to a new destination.

All hold the wisdom and mysteries that have come before.  Stories, beliefs, perceptions.  All built on something that no longer exists in form, only whispers.

Like sand, our world moves continuously.

Some grains are always there.  Some you lose, some you gain.  Some rise from the bottom to the top, or are buried deep in the layers as you change.

We all have our own dune.  The opportunity find the fluidity to flow with the tide, along with the inner security to stay solid. Carefully choosing, sharing, trusting and loving.

Moving slowly, but always together.

That’s the beauty of life.  Because you will never know where you are truly going.

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