Finding Home

Home. A strange concept. Where the heart is, where you lay your hat, where your path takes you.

If I laid my hat in London, left my heart in Birmingham and sought my path in Zürich, where would that make home? I feel at home in my apartment, but I feel lost too.

My heart is split between my family and friends at ‘home’ and my passion, friends, the water and the mountains at ‘home from home’.

It’s an old fashioned concept to say you come from anywhere these days. People are so well travelled. I know so many who don’t have a base or a family house to go back to. It throws the whole concept out of the window.

I prefer not to think about home as one place. It’s where I work. It’s where I go back to after a night out. It’s where I reflect and where I fly to see the people I love. It’s where I lay my hat and where I follow my heart.

Someone said to me recently, be the best you can be. I think that’s where home is. Everything else comes with it.



2 responses to “Finding Home

  1. Interesting, as I’m reading your post, I sit at an airport, among travelers, feeling different, reading about being different, but seeming like everyone else, fitting in – with my nose in my iPhone and my suitcase…

    • I know! I have the same thoughts… I think it more about just being yourself than being different … No one can ever be truly different as we’re all the same basic layout underneath! 🙂

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