2012 was the year that ….

Human determination touched my heart. The Olympics, Jahmene and James in the XFactor final, proving that the only person in life that needs to give you a break, is you.

I realised what love is really all about.
Funny that – it’s not all about you and it’s certainly not about hearts, flowers and grand gestures; though we all need a bit of that sometimes. Love is about caring, feeling and compromising. It’s about equality. It’s about not being afraid to show affection or being scared of what might happen. I don’t think there’s a directly translatable german word for might – as a very precise language; we should only take that as a sign.

I saw that life is full of surprises. And opportunities … If you just look out for them.
They hide at every corner, lurk in the shadows of your mind and appear as a niggle in your soul; just to remind you that they’re always there. It’s all about choice – do you choose to see them and do you choose to take them? We can spend a lifetime ignoring opportunity just in case it takes us down a different path. Do you dare to peek?

2013 has already taught me….
Life is not eternal. There is a plan for us all and it isn’t always fair. 2013 has taught me to be strong and to love those close to me above anything else. This is the most precious thing in life. And as I listen to the fireworks still exploding outside, I know this is all I ever really need to know.


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