Doppel Schoggi Muffins Soothe the Soul

I’m not one to promote multi-national chain coffee shops that quite literally, are taking over the world.  But.

I seem to have developed a penchant lately for a said international chain’s double chocolate muffins.  I’m rebelling against capitalism in my own little way by using the German for double and the Swiss-German for chocolate (said chain only use the English) and by not mentioning the name of the chain; but must admit my new addiction currently overrides my values about what I spend my Francs on.

So as much as I hate to admit it, right now I’m loving that I live in the direct vicinity of a Zürich branch of said chain, so that I can indulge my neuroses.  It’s been a busy few weeks (or even months) and there have been moments where only pure wickedness would suffice.  This includes but isn’t limited to:

– Alcohol (any type, except Prosecco because I am allergic of course!)

– Chocolate (has lost its attraction recently)

– Biscuits (but only with chocolate on top or in the middle)

– Singing (not recommended)

– More alcohol (also not a great idea)

– Not forgetting, the all important doppel schoggi muffin.

Whilst all of the above don’t actually help (dependant types – take note), the muffins have succeeded in giving me that amazing moment of pure, guilty pleasure.  The rich chocolate muffin, with the dark chocolate pieces and (this will give said chain away) YES, the cream cheese topping.  That is what makes this particular muffin so enjoyable and so naughty.  And I love it!

It’s definitely not gluten-free (a small issue for me) but it hits the spot, leaving behind a swollen stomach as a punishment.  Or if you chose to look at it another way, as a cheeky reminder of what you just did.

To soothe a troubled soul, I’d recommend one anytime.  Though be assured, in a few weeks I’ll be back to renouncing sugar-laden and fatty products and getting angry when they try to sell me ‘etwas (often unhealthy and overpriced) zu essen’ with my soya chai tea latte.

You might like The Problem with Prosecco or All you need is a great pair of leggings!  If you liked this, let me know by pressing like or leaving me a comment.  You can also follow lifeinzuri by e-mail on the left.

If you’re in Zürich and would like gluten-free muffins, I’ve been recommended this small cafe near Beckenhof tram stop many times.  I’m yet to try, but maybe it would help!  les gourmandises de miyuko

Since I’m not promoting international chains, here’s a nice photo of Zurich at sunset 🙂

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