Hypnotise Me! About Self-hypnosis

I’ve been trying to write this post for some time. Self-hypnosis is something very personal to me, but not necessarily private. Still, it makes it difficult to write about.

Since I mentioned it in Ideas at Dawn, it makes sense to expand on what self-hypnosis actually is. And no, it’s not the same as stage hypnosis, where you run around doing strange things a hypnotist tells you! That’s a form of (debatable) entertainment, not the key to unlocking your better self.

We all go into a trance everyday, whether day dreaming on the way to work, zoning out when listening to something less than interesting or in those moments as you fall asleep at complete peace with yourself and the world – we’ve all been there.

That feeling is the same as self-hypnosis: a more conscious way of putting yourself in a place where your conscious mind is quiet, letting your unconscious take over to work out what is best for you and help you relax.

Trance is a necessary state to function well as a human being. It’s a state some access through meditation, prayer or yoga. I access it through self-hypnotising. It’s quick, easy and doesn’t take too much effort or methodology. Great for your typical lazy girl!

Self-hypnotising has helped me to understand more about what makes me happy and what I need to get to that happiness. It’s also helped me make some tough and scary decisions, by having the space and ability to listen to myself, without needing to analyse or think about things too much.

It’s stopped me watching TV to escape (though hasn’t quite cracked the wine with reality tv habit!) and it’s helped unlock my creativity, even on a bad day.

The most interesting thing about self-hypnosis is that it isn’t a solution marketed the answer to all your problems. It’s not something that you need to master to reach enlightenment, or need to pay to get better at. It’s just you. Your thoughts, your creativity, your confidence, your voice.

And it’s not hard to learn. You can start just by closing your eyes and doing nothing, pushing those conscious thoughts into a filing cabinet for later. Your subconscious will do the rest.

You don’t need to worry about something going wrong, your body knows better than anyone when to wake up. You’re fully alert to danger and can even ask yourself to make sure you come back fully in ten minutes. It’s not let me down yet!

You can use self-hypnosis to answer questions or point you in the right direction. It works because you always know the answer, deep down and interestingly, it’s avoiding these answers that makes us burn out.

In this world, there’s enough to deal with, without fighting ourselves as well. Try it, it might just help you too…

To find out more about techniques, I’d fully recommend the book Self-Hypnosis for Dummies .

You might also like Ideas at Dawn. If you’d like to hear more about self-hypnosis of any other subject I’ve written about, please let me know by writing a comment below or liking this post – I’d love to hear what you think! 🙂


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