Ideas at dawn

Why is it that moments before waking, on the amazing journey through the subconscious, from sleep to the day that awaits you; ideas come in abundance but when you wake up they’re gone?

This morning, I came up with and developed an idea (which would normally take me weeks) in the seconds before I woke up. It was like watching a film, but when I went to write it down: nothing! I knew loosely what the idea was based on and remembered the thoughts were crystal clear, simple and completely logical; but I can’t remember a thing.

This is not the first time. On more than one occasion I’ve written entire fictional book plots and characters (one of my dreams is to write a novel), but haven’t managed to re-create them in ‘real-life’.

I’ve written winning business plans (they seem amazing at the time, anyway), but never remembered that clarity and focus when I came back to the conscious world.

These examples show the capability of the subconscious when left alone to function as it should. In those precious moments where you’re not interrupting the flow with what to have for dinner, the stresses of the day ahead or what you should be doing today, next week, next year.

This is why I use self-hypnosis. Because my (conscious) mind is always active, I need a way to switch it off. The problem is, now I can either switch it off totally, or it remains busy with only white noise. I haven’t managed to find that happy medium yet; where I can reach the creativity and potential of my subconscious and bring that into the conscious world. The frustration is knowing that it’s all there, waiting for me!

Normally after self-hypnosis, my ideas are clearer and my creativity flows more easily; but never like those waking moments. I think these are the moments you are in the deepest trance – you should have an empty mind – but it’s that emptiness that allows the subconscious to do it’s best. The subconscious doesn’t need to switch off, it’s switched on for a very good reason, to protect you.

I wish I could have three or four hours a day which were completely mine, preferably in the morning, just to connect with myself. The thing is, I do have this time. Maybe not in the morning, but it’s there for me throughout the day, I just chose not to make the extra effort and let everything else take over, just because I am stubborn and feel like the morning is the right time for me. I’m going to try to change this, maybe I should get up really early and give myself more time for a start.

The moral of the story is, everyone has the power to connect with their subconscious. It’s where beauty lay, ideas flourish and the magic happens.

So maybe next time you try to ignore that little voice coming from your soul in favour of the voice coming from your head, you’ll stop thinking and just be. See where that takes you.

You might like Heart or A walk on the wild side …. If you’re interested in self-hypnosis, I’m planning more posts on it in the future – Niall Doherty, an amazing blogger with an great story suggested it to me (along with some other great blogging advice – thanks Niall!). So watch this space! You can check out Niall’s blog at Disrupting the Rabblement.

If you have any good advice on other ways to reach my ideas, I’d love to hear from you! You can leave a comment or connect with me on Twitter.


9 responses to “Ideas at dawn

  1. As an artist I actually get a fair amount of ideas from the dreams. I use to meditate daily and write all of my dreams after I’d wake up, even if it were just brief. Eventually over time it just became easier to remember them. I’d go to bed thinking to myself that I would remember my dreams and eventually they became very lucid. If I noticed I was asleep, walking around in a dream, I’d start asking the figures in them questions. I found that it helped to remember the color of things too. It would trigger specific moments of the dream. I’m sure that’s weird to read. There’s a book titled “DMT the Spirit Molecule” by Dr. Rick Strassman. DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) is the chemical in your brain that makes your dream. I think there’s a special on netflix as well. Anyways, I’m interested in reading about what you find out about your dreams and subconscious.

  2. It happens to me all the time! It’s so frustrating when your ideas seemed so clear and then you can’t form a coherent sentence about it anymore… That’s why I always have pen and paper within easy reach- you never know when an idea will strike 🙂

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