Switzerland is in Europe!

As I drive for the first time (I am not driving whilst I type this, don’t worry) across the border from Switzerland to Italy, it dawns on me that Switzerland really is in Europe!

Obviously, I here you say! But coming from the UK (yes, still in Europe); being able to cross borders by road, from one country to another and one language to another (and that’s just in Switzerland!) is a truly European experience.

I realise that I think like an islander … Though I never thought of myself as one. To me the UK was always a hub; a multi-cultural abyss of international standing. But it is an island, and as islanders in history didn’t have so many options to travel, the mentality of many still hasn’t changed that much.

Sure, we all leave for one or two weeks holiday, some more, some forever; but do we ever feel it?

I realised that I’m trapped by my own island; just as fellow blogger Cécile talks about a blog not being an island; I realise I’m always an island. The sea surrounding me is my own and the ticket to leave, if only for a while, is wholly mine.

More than anything, I realise that life is really out there, waiting for you, enticing you to go further; if you just swim out a little. You don’t even need the ticket.


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8 responses to “Switzerland is in Europe!

  1. Hi Rebecca, thanks for the shout out. I love how Switzerland is at the heart of Europe, it’s so easy to get away by train!
    And I agree with you, life is really out there- I was feeling a bit sick and sorry for myself over the weekend until I let my boyfriend drag me out for a bike-ride in the lovely Autumn sun. I felt so much better at the end of the day 🙂

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