It takes a lot to listen to your heart. You have to have a clear mind, absent of fear and mis-conceptions.

It takes a lot more to truly hear it; to put aside everything you think you know and allow yourself to feel reality.

It’s something I’ve learnt lately. I always thought my heart was my emotions. It is; but not the ones I thought.

It isn’t the emotion that bubbles up, unwelcome, at times where you can’t cope or get beyond frustration.

It isn’t the emotion that drives you to take drastic action, to change something now and to escape.

It’s not the emotion that tells you to slow down; not make decisions and not take risks.

It’s the one that only comes with space and trust. The one that doesn’t know the concept of time, risk, money or pressure. The one that puts you on the right path – in a way that doesn’t feel hard or unnatural – because it’s purely you.

You don’t decide what it tells you and you only hear it when you truly listen. You know you’re hearing your heart because you’re feeling your soul. And it just feels right.

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