Britain’s Pot of Gold

As London 2012 draws to close, I wonder what is it that has made Britain wake up over night? What’s the secret ingredient that has turned us from a country in recession into a country with gold gleaming in our eyes?

London 2012 has achieved many things. It’s put women’s football into the spotlight (finally), it’s taught us about handball, beach volleyball and the art of riding BMX. It’s shown the world that the weather in Britain isn’t all that bad!

But above all it’s highlighted the value of coming together, as a nation and as many nations. It’s something we haven’t managed in a long long time; forever torn between political opinion, arguments over immigration and an ever more expensive welfare state.

So what is it that has made Britain excel in the world’s spotlight?

Our multicultural society, where we celebrate difference and all it brings.

When people from all backgrounds and preferences come together on one small island, it’s not always easy; Britain has shown that many times.

But London 2012 has shown that it is our diversity that makes Britain great. When we work together, there is only one outcome.


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