I just read my sister’s latest blog  (A Happy-Go-Unlucky Girl ….).  It’s a great blog, I love it; but it freaks me out just how alike we are!

We write in a such similar style, sometimes I actually feel like I’m reading my own words (I’m not by the way…).  We think in similar way, tell a story in a similar way, and even have bloggers-block at the same time!

I suppose this is nothing unusual between sisters, but it makes me wonder; fundamentally, how much difference is there really between one person and another?  I mean, my sister and I are quite different people in reality … apart from our clean-freak-ness.

There’s eleven years between us, so I tried to think of eleven differences:

1. She goes with the flow, I don’t

2. I like classical music, I don’t think she does

3. She is good at looking after people, I’m not

4. I’m competitive, she’s not

5. She is stubborn, I don’t think I am (?!)

6. I’m good at winding our other sisters up, so is she.

7. Hmmm…. I’m struggling

8. I was born in the first half of the year, she was born in the second

9. I see where this is going…….

10. She has blue eyes, I have green

11.  I give up. 

Point taken.  We’re not that different after all.  And is is that a bad thing?  Maybe not.

Sister or not, we all have the same basic needs and survival instincts, regardless of the personality and environment and opinions layered on top in our current world. 

Sometimes, the only way we can express ourselves is to create a difference and that can be hard work.  I’m not going to do that.  I’m proud that my sister(s) and I share a similar style.  We still have different views, even if we conclude them in the same way and that’s what makes us individual. 

It’s what makes our get-togethers all the more raucous – there’s nothing like five sisters and a few bottles of wine to see how alike we really are!  And of course, having a blogtastic sister is great when you need a brilliant proof-reader. 😉

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My wonderful sister’s blog A Happy-Go-Unlucky Girl


One response to “Sisters

  1. I love this! However..I do in fact like classical music …Canon in D Major (Pachelbel) is one of my favs….and my eye’s are more greeny than blue??…. I think? Great read thpough sis 😉

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