Blogtastic: Part Deux!

It’s been a slow month. I’ve not felt 100 % and my ideas have suffered. The urge that normally rises from within; a force to be reckoned with, has been on strike.

My sisters told me I was losing the plot with ‘Aber….’. I’m hoping that’s just because their understanding of German is about as good as my understanding of corporate tax (not very good, by the way).

A serious side has set in – even the tram hasn’t set me alight with my usual passion for public transport of late.

So I was feeling pretty glum. Until I re-read some posts of mind from a more positive month (June); where I wasn’t flying back to the UK every two weeks (not a strong point), wasn’t too tired and Zürich in summer was my oyster. Where adjective endings were just another challenge I was excited to master.

I was reminded of the other side of me – still reflective but slightly unhinged.

I was reminded that it’s ok that the ‘Fokker 100‘ is my favourite plane (of course…); that Rudolph Brun Brücke, Paradeplatz and the ever-beautiful ETH-Universitätsspital are my favourite tram stops; And that double-decker trains are cool and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Mostly, I was reminded that I need to hire a full time proofreader; there’s nothing worse than a perfectionist that misses the detail because that bit is slightly boring.

So a little tip. When in doubt, re-read your old blogs. Especially the ones that make you laugh and you wrote for you. You’ll learn a little bit more about yourself; after all, you wrote it. 🙂

Here are some of my favourites:

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