Standing in the Way of Control!

Today I’ve had a control freak-ism breakthrough! I didn’t iron my pillowcases! Did you know there are people that are actually obsessed with beautiful, clean, crisp white pillowcases? I love them.

Ok, I might still iron the really creased ones; but I feel like I’ve taken a huge step forward in my life!

It has led me to another theory: if you focus on your creativity the neatness of the pillowcase when you take it out the cupboard to put it on the bed doesn’t matter that much! And neither does making the stainless-steel kitchen smear-free!

It’s a whole new world. My recorded TV programmes are practically climbing out of the telly to get some attention and my empty coat hangers are hanging untouched in the wardrobe – not normal, they clatter against each other and take up unnecessary room. My taps in the bathroom are now a little less than shiny – but by no means dirty – and I have a small dust ball gathering on my parquet floor near the mirror in my bedroom: unheard of.

The best thing about it all? I don’t care that much!

OK, I’m never going to be messy or dirty, it’s not in my nature; a tidy house means a tidy mind after all. But I am super excited (new fave phrase) at the prospect of my weekends not being dominated by the cleaning rota (on a Saturday) and having to do the ironing now, because I need to put the un-ironed pillow cases back on the bed.

It’s also a revelation to me that when you de-clutter your mind of such small things, you can get so much done! No longer is the hoovering taking up a whole day in my mind’s schedule or the my German homework the whole evening! I can do more in the day and enjoy it.

When I say no longer, I really mean since this afternoon; as just this morning I was conversing with the Big I Am, explaining all the things I might do, should do and probably will do this afternoon.

A breakthrough however is a breakthrough, even if I didn’t go swimming like I said I would. I am writing this blog though, which I love and wrote some (I think ) great copy for a project I’m working on.

It’s early days; I’ll see how long that un-ironed pillow case stays in the cupboard. It just didn’t look as pretty as the others…..



5 responses to “Standing in the Way of Control!

  1. I need to take. Lead out of your book! … Not in the untidting stakes but the tidying stakes !!!!!! Zxx

  2. I guess ironed pillow cases are like tiny cheap luxuries anyone can afford… But good on you for letting go to focus on other stuff 😉

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