Who Am I?

I just joined Twitter!

I thought about it for a while but wasn’t sure if it would work for me. I have this view from years on Facebook that the world is full of aspiring social climbers who sound like clones of each other, all trying to impress each other and say what they think others want to hear.

But then I thought, don’t we all do a bit of that? Even us introverts of the world…. We still have to be someone or push ourselves out of our boundaries to be socially or professionally accepted at times. Really, we’re not that different, we just might have an inside world that we keep a bit more concealed.

So, once I’d made the move and joined, I started to think, what exactly am I going to say?! Difficult one.

– I don’t want to talk about my social life – I don’t find that very interesting and really I don’t want the world knowing what I’m doing 24/7

– I don’t want to spend all day thinking of funny, cool or interesting things to say, I just want to say them when I have them. I’m not sure what those things are, if they’re consistent or just random thoughts that everyone else will think are stupid at worst and nonsense at best

– I don’t want to pretend I know what I’m doing, but I want to do it well

– I don’t want to talk a load of hot air. Pet hate.

– I do want to share and communicate with the world in a way that represents me and what I stand for

– I do want to connect with people professionally and personally who feel passionately about the same things I do

– I want to change the way we live our lives – focus on small and local, supporting women in business, seeing the opportunities we all have in the world and living and working smarter for our futures; socially, environmentally and economically

– I do want to inspire my creativity and writing through others, I work best this way. I just need to cut through the communication overload to find the good stuff.

So it brings me back to my question…. Who am I?

On Twitter, on my blog, to myself, at home and at work, I’m not sure I have the answer but I’ve got a good idea. I’m clear on my values and where I want to go in life now, so I just need to remember one very important thing thing: Be true to yourself.

It’s an ambitious phrase, but a valid one. You know when you’re not because it doesn’t feel very comfortable. I’m not always entirely comfortable with being true to myself either, it’s a scary place to be. Anything could happen, you could actually make your dreams come true. But once you tune in to who you are, whoever that may be and you open your eyes to the opportunities and all around you, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

So I found my Twitter voice: Me. 🙂

Follow me on Twitter @lifeinzuri



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