The Art of Nail Varnish Removal

Did you know this was an art? I have this week discovered it.

I came to England, some might say stupidly, armed only with my ‘the hurlingham’ NailsInc nail varnish on my hands, feet and in my bag for top ups. That’s a tomato or cherry red I case you’re not down with the cool names NailsInc call their polishes.

It’s a fantabulous colour, brightening up any a drab neutral outfit (most of mine), pale winter skins (always mine) and matching beautifully with my white scarf with cherries on it. I love it.

I don’t however, love trying to get it off.

I have tried many methods. Nail varnish remover is of course the obvious one, but even with a too quality removal brand on the job, hurly for short just gets everywhere! It spreads a like any decent cherry tomato should when you burst it open, except this is a nail varnish and I would prefer it to stay either on my nails or on the cotton wool pad. No such luck.

So away from home, not armed with said remover, I was in a bit of a pickle when hurly started to look less than perfect 😦 it’s unfortunate this happens, I like a perfect nail. I can’t cope with patchiness very well. So off to Boots I went in search of a solution and thinking I had come up with a great idea, I bought some nail remover pads.

Don’t EVER buy any nail remover pads for anything brighter than a pale neutral. They don’t work! I spent at least half an hour, over the sink with cherry tomato dripping all over the place.

Wipe. Tissue. Wipe. Clean the sink now as it is red.

Being me, I decided once all removed, my nails looked boring. The only option was a set of freshly painted hurlies. That was last week.

To avoid another issue with removal, I have spent every day re-painting the ends and chips to cover up the cracks, until today: where my nails resemble a victorian sash window frame with 500 years of paint layered on top of each other. Then I lost a chunk to the toilet door, time to take action.

I pondered for at least half the day what to do next to remove the offending chipped polish, then on the train back to London I had a stroke of genius!

OK, we’ve all bitten off nail varnish before, that’s nothing new, but have you ever tried sucking your finger first!?!?! It is GENIUS! It peels off in one (or two) easy swoops!

What greater satisfaction on a boring East Coast mainline journey than gleefully peeling off bright cherry tomato nail polish into shiny, smooth sections of loveliness? Brilliant. I feel very proud to haves discovered the ultimate holiday solution to nail varnish removal.

So, next time you think about packing your Sally Hansen for dry & brittle, think again………… or you could just get a Shellac. 🙂


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