I just read back my last blog and realised something weird is happening to me!

I am, always have been, always will be , a very good native English speaker. But naturally, without thinking too much.

I noticed when speaking over the last few weeks, sometimes I put my sentences in a funny order, like ‘until soon’ or ‘I have only one time been’. I suppose this is understandable, since I in Switzerland live and learn I German.

But I have actually now forgotten the natural English way to write. I hope it was the correct way, though suspect it probably wasn’t the official way as taught in English language at school, but anyway it felt right to me. (Another example. Shouldn’t anyway go at the end?)

So I think I am officially between languages. I cannot speak German correctly. I cannot speak English correctly. So instead, I speak Germlish. Like Spanglish but with German. I thought I’d made this up myself, but no, there is a website dedicated to it:

Next time you see some dodgy sentences or a confused explanation, please do let me know. I read and re-read my blogs and am surprised each time by my Germlish language ability. I could teach it.

So until soon, when we ourselves again meet, tchuess 🙂


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