Dreams can come true?

I’ve just been watching ‘The Voice’. Yeah, I know…. another wannabe annoying singing/dancing/get a life talent show…. there are sooo many people who can sing, blah blah blah.

So, it makes you ask yourself (or me ask myself), what does it take to believe in your dream so much? What makes you a person who knows this is the path for you and that this is your destiny? And what makes you feel so sure you can achieve it?

I think we’ve all said to someone at some point ‘wake up and smell the coffee, it’s just a dream it’ll never happen’. I know I have.  Probably because I’ve had it said to me more times than most people because ultimately I’m a dreamer, idealist and not a realist.

My argument here is: what gives the ‘realist’ the right to label the ‘idealist’? And what makes the ‘realist’ right? Who says their view of reality is reality, it could just be their reality.  After all, if you’re scared of failing or maybe just happy with what you’ve got, why do you need to dream? The funny thing is the realists also have dreams… a new car…. a bigger house… could they just be mini dreams taking the place of the bigger dreams they didn’t dare to imagine?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately for lots of different reasons, the main one being that I have a dream to have the life I want and I need to understand the steps I need to get there to realise it. It is scary and it is risky (no-one likes risk) and it’s lots of lifelong dreams intertwined. Some of them are really simple, but things I never thought could even be a dream.  For instance, a small house filled with things we love. Some of them are much bigger (some might say the house is a big one, let’s not knock the realists).  You see all are fragments of what it means to be me; as all I can be; so I can be all I am for the people I love (what a mouthful). That’s everyone’s dream isn’t it?

I think I have more questions than answers but I think the key here is that it’s not about believing in your dream… it’s about believing in yourself.

Couldn’t we all benefit with some of ‘what they’ve got’ on The Voice? The emotion you see when they’ve taken one step further towards it can be pretty overwhelming, often spirited on by being told what they couldn’t do or personal tragedies and difficulties.  There’s likely more than one way to get there, but if it’s the right dream then maybe it just might come true.

Do you dare to dream?


3 responses to “Dreams can come true?

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