Living in different countries is hard.  I was so excited when The Big IAm (here-forth TBiAm-sounds like will.i.am) arrived last weekend, we had the most fantastic weekend just with just us here in Zurich, enjoying the sunshine, buying window voiles and having heated debates about which tram or bus routes to take (obviously that was me).

We’d spent the two weekends before that in the UK, so we’ve been really lucky and spent three weekends in a row together…..TBiAm-tastic! 🙂

But this weekend it’s back to the normal run of our dual country life …..Elastic 😦

Sometimes it does feel a little like one extreme to another. I’d love to know how to keep on an even keel, like ordinary people. But then I think what is ‘ordinary’ and what would ‘ordinary’ people do in the same situation? Not get emotional? Not put the extra stress on themselves? Not be honest about how it really feels? Not do it at all?

That brings me back to why we did decide to do this – to live, to experience and ultimately to build a better future for ourselves. So pretty ordinary really, though maybe a little more extreme version of.

The most important property in elastic is it’s ability to stretch to extremes but bounce back; changing size, shape and form along the way. It’s tough stuff, but flexible. A bit like us.

Why be ordinary when you can be extra-ordinary?! We’ve always liked a challenge 😉

Here’s something extraordinary that made my TBiAm-tastic weekend (with my love of all things transport) and has cheered me up just now thinking about it – the Swiss painted plane he arrived on, I love it!

So as I ponder another elastic weekend to come, I thought I’d share it with you to make you smile too.


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