Trams are like buses…. Actually they aren’t like buses at all. I know this because I actually caught the bus to work this morning… instead of my preferred mode of Zuri transport to work, Tram 10.

The story started with my new purple (mahogany?) streaks in my hair, I know it sounds dodgy but they really just give it a warm reddy,pinky, purply hue.

Anyway, because of said new hairstyle I had to spend longer getting ready than I had allocated and on top of getting up laterthan normal by exactly 9 minutes – the precision here is relevant – because of my post weekend in UK expedition tiredness, I had to spend an extra 10 minutes checking how purple my hair really looked before letting myself loose on non-purple haired Switzerland. This made me 19 minutes later than my absolute latest leave time to get to work for 9 am.

I love trams for lots of reasons, some might say this is very sad but:

1. They are beautiful, with lots of different shapes depending on age that make them look like different characters

2. They make cool sounds like vooooooooom

3. The drivers look like they are driving a racing car with steely determination and no nonsense authority, even though they can only really stop and start them as they run on tracks ( I am a big fan of watching the driver through the window as he/she obviously plays a game to see if they can slow the tram down from really fast to a smooth stop right on the doors stop here lines)

4. Tram hopping is fun if you want a cheap trip out

5. They are always on time, well mostly it’s a scandal if they’re not

6. They don’t get stuck in traffic.

This is very important. It means I can leave at the latest 8.45, catch the 8.55 tram and be at work for 8.59…. But not today.

I was late leaving, at 9 am the trams move from every 7 minutes to every 15 minutes and my only choice was to get the bus. It only takes 3 minutes longer than the tram, so in itself not a biggie, but I have to think hard about this option of a morning, considering the facts.

You see, I do have the option to catch the bus if I arrive at the stop and the tram has just gone (6 mins to the next one) and the bus is just coming, but I worked out that this could take longer as the bus is slower and I have to walk 50 metres further from the bus stop to work than the tram stop. So as you may have already concluded, this is not an option I often take.

Today, I had no choice….. The tram had left, the next one was 8 minutes and the bus was 1 minute away. So, obviously, I though on this occasion the bus was the sensible option.

Oh no. I got on to the bus. I had to hear it’s chugging engine whilst it didn’t actually move anywhere – this never happens on the tram. It didn’t move around the corner for 2 minutes or more…. I kept thinking ‘the next tram will catch up with us, I should have waited’. Frantically, I was calculating the minutes. Had I made the wrong decision?

Every stop possible I considered other options. Get off at Leutschenbach and change to the 10 when it comes, save 1 min walk….. Get off at Fernsehnstudio and hop over to the 12… Or change to the 11 then net stop to he 10. When it comes. I decided to stick with the Bus. I had made my bed and I would lie in it.

Finally, 8 minutes later, maybe 9, I reached Modecenter TMC with relief…. I could see the 10 in the distance but I had beaten it so far… Could I get to the office door in less time than I would have if the tram arrived now?

I sighed relief when I saw the tram arrive at the stop the same time I got to the office, all was not lost!

Then I thought to myself – quite late you may say – all of this for what? 2 minutes! Next time, I’ll just take the tram 🙂

Some tramtastic shots… You get the picture!




5 responses to “Tramtastic!

  1. Sounds like you’re having a tramtastic time over in Zurich!
    I can’t believe you’ve got this technophobe to follow your blog but job well done….and you’re wasted…you really should be writing a book!
    By the way, how much longer have I got to come and visit?!! xx

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